Buffer now Allows Instagram Users to Schedule Posts

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Buffer is an app that allows you to schedule your posts and monitor your social profiles. It's a great app to buy if you're a business, but if you're just starting out you might want to try their free service and try to focus on one social media profile. Now that service will now allow you to have Buffer for Instagram so it might be time to get on there.

Instagram is a service that you might think you don't need to schedule posts for but it can actually be very practical. You don't need to share the photo the day that you take it and it means that you can save it for a day and time that people will more likely see it. With the free version of Buffer, you can only schedule ten posts a day which means you can't go crazy if you take a lot of photos and schedule them all in one go. If you have a plan though this could be useful as it means you'll always be certain that you can get your photos out at the best time, but will have a chance to edit things before they get posted if you forget at first.

When the post is scheduled to go online, you should get a notification with a preview of the post. It can then take you to Instagram to manually post the image. This means you can check everything and all @ tags will be carried over also so everything should go okay but it's always best to check.

There are also analytics sections that tell you which of your posts are most popular. Usually, on Buffer this feature is only for paid users and it could still be like this for Instagram. You can only have one Instagram account connected to Buffer if you're using the free version then you can only connect one but that should be all you need.

Unfortunately due to Instagram's API, Buffer can't automatically post things for you and it will just let you pre-write the post and remind you to post that certain image. It is a great idea though and could be really useful for business.

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