Children are Moving from Watching TV to YouTube

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A lot of people like to complain about children spending too much time on phones, the computer or in front of the TV. They say that kids should be outside playing but while they will also spend a lot of time outside, that doesn't mean that kids don't like watching things too. However, it's starting to look as though children are growing less interested in watching TV and more interested in watching YouTube videos.

This will hardly come as a surprise to most people. There are a lot of videos out there aimed at children from toy unboxing to animations to Minecraft videos. A while ago I wrote about how parents actually felt about letting kids make Minecraft videos and it must mean that kids are watching them. What we didn't know is how much these sorts of videos are taking over how kids view things. According to Ofcom, there has been a 25% decline in children's viewing of linear TV. This actually seems strange as they do spend a lot of time in front of the TV still, but a lot of this time may be whilst doing other things or just whilst someone else is actually watching their programs instead.

The reason why YouTube might be doing so well compared to other TV shows could be the format. YouTube tends to be straight in front of you talking to the camera and though a lot of kids TV shows do that, they act as if they're responding to your answers. In an online video, you just get the honest response of the person recording the video which may be seen as better as sometimes recorded TV shows can feel a little dishonest as we only see the caricatured reactions of how they want children to see them.

The only problem with this is that if a show is on TV, someone is likely to watch it but YouTube requires recommendations for people to watch. This means that it could be just as difficult to get people to love your series as it is to get your show on TV. On social media, however, you can share links and get your friends to push your videos to their kids and their friends so that could be why children are watching more of this than they might be TV, and this is likely going to be a trend that continues.

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