Facebook Allowing Users to View Instant Articles in Messenger

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Facebook's Instant Articles feature is pretty useful when you're viewing Facebook mobile. Before Instant Articles, if you wanted to read an article, then you'd click the link and leave the app. That could be slow and rather awkward at times, but fortunately, that's been less of a problem for a while now. If someone shared an article with you on Messenger though, you still had to follow the link, but now that has changed.

If someone sends you a link to Instant Articles, it will show as an instant article within Messenger. This doesn't mean that you'll see the entirety of the article, but you do see an image and the start of the article. You'll see a little icon on the image and if you click on that the article will open up in Messenger. You'll have the ability to like it there and you may be able to comment on some articles too. This is really practical as it can open up a conversation between you and that friend. You could always share an article and talk about it, but now it's easier to read the article you may be more likely to do so. Funnily enough, this is also more practical if you don't want to read an article. If you can see from the first sentence or two that this isn't something you're interested in, then you know not to click it and you can try to change the conversation.

Not every publisher is currently making their articles Instant Articles. The majority already are, but this might push a few more to release them that way. If an article isn't instant then you will just have to follow the link normally. Facebook are hoping that this will push all publishers should jump on the Instant Article bandwagon, but at the moment they don't have to unless they see a need to. Eventually this is going to put people off reading an article if they have to leave the app to do so, but for now, those publishers should still be safe,

This update has been rolled out on Android devices today and should hit iOS next week.

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