Facebook Now Supports 3D Touch

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You've been able to peek into things using 3D Touch in the main Facebook app for a while now, but the feature hasn't been possible in Messenger. Facebook have taken their time when it comes to introducing it as 3D touch is a little more awkward in Messenger and you can't use it to sneak around your messages. But now with only a few more months until the next iPhone is released, Facebook has finally released the feature on the iPhone 6S.

3D Touch isn't really allowing you to do much within Messenger, but that shouldn't really come as much of a surprise. Other than previews there's not really much for you to peek at within Messenger and Apple is very strict with what they actually allow companies to do within their apps anyway. On Messenger 3D Touch simply allows you to use the pressure sensitive screen to peek into messages. Don't think this means you'll be able to look at messages without the other person knowing you've read it though as Messenger will still mark the message with a read receipt.  You'll also be able to preview photos, GIFs, videos, stickers and links so you'll be able to sneak peek at a lot of things.

This doesn't really sound like much, but in today's society, we don't always have time to properly read messages straight off. When you receive a text notification, your phone allows you to see a preview of what the message is. With Facebook messages, you don't get that so you have to wait until you can open the message. 3D Touch means that you can press down, quickly read the message and then open it later to reply to or to get further context if necessary. This was a pretty good idea and actually, it brings Facebook closer to being able to take over all messaging on phones. This along with the fact you can now read text messages over Messenger on Android devices means that Facebook is getting there, but they're only managing it at different levels on different devices. Apple makes it harder for Facebook to take over but they're still trying their best to do so.

For Facebook users this is a useful update but only if people remember they can do so. If this is the case, then it'll only speed it up a little but even the smallest of changes could help lead to something more useful.

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