Facebook Users can now Post in Multiple Languages

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Facebook is a global service and some people's posts may be seen across the world, or at least by people who may not speak their first language. Facebook allows you to change your language, but some users will just type in a separate one if they need to. That, however, is no longer necessary.

It's now going to be easier to get your message across to people who speak different languages which you may not speak yourself, as Facebook have introduced a multilingual composer which means you can select different languages for your post to be seen in. This will not affect your original post at all, it just means that if someone else has their language set to one of the languages you selected, they'll be able to read that in their chosen language. This is great as it means you don't have to try translating everything to get a single message across. It's available for all 45 languages that Facebook allows users to have their account in so that means your posts could essentially go worldwide.

This feature was tested out earlier this year on business pages. Admittedly, businesses are the users more likely to need this multilingual composer feature. If your company or brand is international, then you need to be able to talk to your contacts and this will allow them to at least do so through statuses. It could also be useful if you move to a different country that doesn't speak your first language and you make new friends, or if you have family in other countries.

The multilingual composer is already being rolled out and can be activated by going into your user settings. You can then go into your language settings and choose to post in multiple languages. Your posts won't automatically be posted in every language though; if you wish for your post to be shown in a different language, you have to click on the button at the bottom of the post and choose which language you wish to share it in.

Automatic translation is becoming important with how global social media is and this had better be something that other social networks take on as well.

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