Facebook's Latest Attempt to Emulate Snapchat Failed Again

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You'd think by now that Facebook would have realised that they're never going to be Snapchat and they're never really going to have their features. The closest they have are MSQRD but even that doesn't work in exactly the same way. Still, Facebook keeps trying new things and the most recent suggested copycat move has now been scrapped.

Quick Updates was essentially Facebook trying to allow users to send old and new media privately. They could send a picture already on their Facebook with text added or they could send a new shot that they don't want anyone to see. It's not a terrible idea, but not something you really think about when it comes to Facebook. To access the Quick Updates tab you had to click a smiley face icon that would have appeared next to the search bar. If you tapped on it, then the new screen would open and at first you would get a tutorial in how the system worked. After that, you can select what you want to share whether that's photo or text and edit it. The text doesn't go on the images like a Snapchat filter, instead, it's just over the image and not an overlay that makes it easier to read. It'll start on the top left rather than the middle so it doesn't look as neat. Once you choose to share the update, you can choose which of your friends see it and then they'll see it when they check the Quick Updates tag. If any of your friends reply you'll also see that in the Quick Updates tag.

In principle, this could have all worked, but no one was very happy with the layout. No one really liked the way they had to edit and organise things, but Facebook couldn't make this too Snapchat like. The sad thing is that this isn't the first attempt at trying to emulate Snapchat. They created full apps in the past and they wound up being scrapped as they weren't popular enough. People don't want another Snapchat made by Facebook, they don't feel the need to privately share updates and if they do they'll message them normally. Facebook is so very different from Snapchat and it seems like they don't get that yet. Both apps are extremely popular but that doesn't mean they need to learn from each other.

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