Google Play Enable Easy Sharing of Apps, Music and Videos

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Last year Google offered their first sharing platform on Play Music. This library would cost a family $14.99 a month, but would allow users to share music with up to six people of their choice. This new plan with Google Play is free and allows users to also share with up to six people, but this time, they'll be able to share pretty much anything that's been brought on Google.

The beauty of this sharing system, other than the fact it's free, is that the apps and other things you want to share don't just have to be shared over Android devices. If someone has a Google account or the Google Play app on the iPhone, then they can still share things. This new feature is called the Google Play Family Library so this means that one person is in charge of the account. The person in charge is usually the person who has set up the account and has used a credit card of their choice. As well as sharing what is brought, accounts on the family plan can also all use the same credit card. This could be both practical and a problem for parents. It means you don't have to risk your children's privacy if they have a phone and you know there's a card on there if they need it, but it also means that their children could accidentally install an app that they have to pay for or buy a lot of things. You could just buy the apps for them and monitor them but it's not always going to be that simple. If someone does buy something on your card, you will receive a receipt but that isn't always going to help.

This was an interesting move for Google to make. They're allowing people to download and share with friends and families which could encourage more users to use Google's services. You won't find many iOS users who will use the Google Play apps. Admittedly you can't share apps with iOS users as the APKs of Android and iOS apps are different, but you can send a friend this new film you've brought or listen to the album your teenager has brought even if you have different types of phone. This might encourage users to actually get more of their videos and music legally. The app sharing will probably just get more people playing the same apps and that's going to change how people find and download their apps.

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