Is Vine On It's Way Out?

With all the talk about whether Twitter would last much longer, it seemed like there was no doubt that Periscope and Vine would keep running even if Twitter had to sell them. That's not starting to look so plausible as Twitter slips into a gap in the video market whilst Vine seems to be drying up.

It was only last month that Twitter finally agreed to start paying Viners after years of the internet celebrities asking and at the same time they increased the length that videos could be, but it could all be in vain. Vine made a name for itself by allowing it's users to create 6-second looping videos, something that they couldn't do anywhere else. It allowed users to make silly videos, most of which would eventually become a series of them doing the same thing in different circumstances. These videos were often curated by users and posted as one video on YouTube so people could go through a lot of short videos at once. And unfortunately, these stars once famous as Viners are moving onto other platforms they may have just used on the side before like YouTube or Snapchat or Instagram. Video is moving on and Viners had to move with the times if they wanted teenagers to continue to know their names. Vine isn't dead just yet though and there is still a dedicated user base, but it isn't as large as it used to be. The video length increase was the first update the app had received in a long time and users just cannot be bothered with Vine anymore. Vine used to be in the top 100 apps in a dozen countries but now the only place it is in the figure is the top 100 is Grenada.

As well as this there has been a recent overhaul in the management of the app. The general manager AJ Frank left recently and since then many other members of staff have left. Twitter will repopulate Vine and they will continue to try to work on Vine, but it may be too little too late. If they do succeed then it will be down to the new breed of Vine stars and only if they can manage Vine with their other social media to draw them back to the app. The people I know who used to check Vine daily have slowly been stopping and that is never a good sign.

Vine could always be saved and it could suddenly burst back on the scenes but this seems unlikely. Vine isn't what it used to be and you pretty much never hear about it apart from their now smaller userbase. Twitter will have a lot of work to do if they want to keep Vine and if there's any service that's managing video well now then it's Twitter.

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