Lesbian Dating App HER Expands to Android, Seems Set to Take Over the World

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If you haven't heard of HER, it might be because you knew it as Dattch, the small UK-based dating app aimed specifically at gay women. Last year, the team relocated from London to San Francisco, gathered over $1 million in funding and rebranded it as a 'lesbian social app'.

Since then, it's been doing remarkably well, now available in 55 different countries. Despite this, the app has always been an iOS exclusive, but now it's finally made the leap over to Android devices. It might seem like an obvious way to expand, with their market growing by the day, but there's a specific reason behind it.

At the moment, the app is growing most rapidly in Asia and South America, two parts of the world which distinctly favour Android devices. If they hadn't done this, their advance across this part of the world would have been significantly hamstrung. Android absolutely dominates South East Asia, with 74% of smartphone owners opting for them in Thailand, 81% in the Philippines and, astoundingly, 94% in Indonesia. Similarly, in South America, studies suggest that Android have around 61% of the total market across the continent, with the highest in any single country being Panama (80%), followed by Bolivia (75%) and Argentina (74%).

A big factor in HER's ongoing success is the fact that, unlike Tinder and its imitators, it isn't limited to a few pictures, a short bio and perhaps a few of your favourite bands/films. Instead, it focuses on shared interests, as users can post new updates and the whole thing has a very 'Pinterest' feel to it. It's as much an app for building up a larger social network, read news and even get relationship advice.

This is probably part of the reason why HER is doing so well, never mind the fact that it's the only prominent dating app aimed at gay women. The website features a 'country request' form, so those who would like to see the app in their home nation. They even have an events program, currently running in 11 cities, with an eye to extending that reach in the near future.

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