Most People Do Not Trust News They Read on Social Media

In the days of social media, we're pretty much always plugged in and due to this, we wind up seeing news as it pops up on social media. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter both having trending topics, you're likely to see the news, maybe not as it happens, but after a little while of people talking about it as you browse. You might click through a few different articles that catch your eye but it turns out that most of you don't actually believe them.
It makes sense as it's better to take anything you see on social media with a pinch of salt. As great as it is to be able to spread information, anyone can say anything they want about anything. If someone is easily tricked they may wind up sharing a hoax site or the news being spread just might not be all the facts. We're very wary about what we read and though that can be a good thing, it's surprising to know how cautious we actually are. According to research done by Pew Research, 32% of internet using adults in the US do not trust any news they read on social media. This is compared to 30% of people who trust it some, 33% who trust it not too much and a mere 4% who trust it a lot.
This isn't good news for the media companies who use Facebook to spread their stories. It might be a good way to get people to check out your articles, but if they can't trust your information then is that any good? I wouldn't suggest stopping sharing on social media as that won't help anyone. Only 18% of adults get information from social media often so it's not going to be a huge amount of your views but they will help. If you know you're writing the truth and if you can provide evidence, then chances are that readers will believe you. This phenomenon is probably left over from the days when people would believe everything they read online and they'd wind up sharing so many hoaxes. People may still fall for stuff sometimes, but not as often as they used to as we've become more savvy. We need to learn to look into things and not believe everything we see on social media, but maybe believe a little more than we're currently willing to.
The news is a big part of social media now and it will continue to be but the more people disbelieve what they read, the more trouble this will be not only for the general media but for social media too.

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