Mountain Dew Uses Twitter to Determine New Flavour

Ah, yes. The age old rivalry of limited edition Mountain Dew flavours Baja Blast and Pitch Black.
Pitting Baja Blast and Pitch Black fans against each other in what's been labeled the DEWcision 2016 Campaign, Mountain Dew had social media decide on their next permanent flavour. For the summer, during a 3-month window, fans were encouraged to tweet #VotePitchBlack or #VoteBajaBlast to submit their vote. Additionally, Mountain Dew created the Dew Drench Challenge "giving super fans[a chance] to get 300 votes for your favourite flavour," or, for the lazy, there were brain challenges available on social media to earn more points.

Sending its tentacles weaving through and across social media - plugging the DEWcision on their official account, inspiring original content, and, of course, hosting the vote on Twitter.

Mountain Dew made it a point to send freebies to those who reached the largest of their target audience. This manifested itself in unboxing videos by popular Youtubers, where a duality-themed box is shown along with a plastic cup divided in two so that voters can enjoy the flavours side-by-side. Blogs were set ablaze what with such a compelling topic; many a blogger undertook an in-depth comparison of the flavours, for those who prefer to make their decision based off of someone else's opinion.

Mountain Dew knows just how to get its fans going by encouraging past stunts to resurface in the new campaign, including taking a bath in their preferred flavour, dying their hair the corresponding colour (#dewdye), or completing ridiculous and over-the-top challenges to show their loyalty (as seen below).

Rather than depend on fan enthusiasm for sugary concoctions, Mountain Dew recreated the unforgettably 90's GUTS Aggro Crag and put together a virtual reality Nascar experience to get people pumped for the competition. With a side each for Baja Blast and Pitch Black, lucky New Yorkers were able to relive their childhood dream by climbing to the top, ensuring votes for their preferred flavour.

For those still holding out hope, know that the decision has been made. On 18 July, it was announced that Pitch Black won with 50.5% of all votes. As of September, Pitch Black will be available on shelves indefinitely.

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