New Curated Video App Hyper has Hit iOS

A lot of developers seem to have realised that people like to watch videos. If they have ten spare minutes with a phone, then one of the things people are most likely to do is pop on a service like Vine or YouTube. The latest app to try to make a dent in the video streaming market, Hyper, doesn't want users worrying about having to go through a lot of different videos to hunt down the best ones and instead does that for you.

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What Hyper does is find the top ten videos every night and download them for you. These videos are decided by your answers as to what you're interested in including things like pop culture and tech. These videos will change every day so you won't get repeats and because it downloads over night, it should usually be downloading over wi-fi and when your phone is charging. This might mean that if you only have data or if you're out all night you probably won't be able to download the next lot of videos automatically. However, this feature is one that you currently have to turn on in the settings. The automatic downloading feature is still in beta so it could disappear, but hopefully, users will use it and will see what a good idea it is.

The app finds both long-form and short-form videos. This means you could see popular vines as well as random popular videos that might pop on YouTube. This will be great if you have a long commute or just a period of time where you need something to do. You can save the videos for later if you want or you can just sit and watch them all one after the other. The layout makes it easier to do so as each video has a large preview image and you can just scroll through all the videos and tap on one of them if you wish to view them.

This app is a good app for people who do like to watch a lot of videos but don't always have time to go through YouTube or Reddit. You might not always be able to automatically download, but even without that feature the fact it pulls together ten videos that you might like is pretty great. This app is currently only available on iOS.

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