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Curation is important when it comes to video services. Users, especially new users, don't always know what to watch and they need a little guidance. Whether it's the service telling them what's popular or just popping videos under certain topics, we want to watch what they tell us is good when we don't know what else to do. Periscope might be a streaming service, but it still needs some direction for users.

This need has finally been met though and you might find when you open Periscope that there's a new channel under your suggested channels as well as a featured tag. The new channel is the Editor's Picks. For the moment this won't really feature ongoing streams, but ones that the editor will have viewed and think that users would like. This can allow users to pop on and see what they've missed which I'm sure they hope will convince users to keep coming back for more. The featured tag also suggests that they might share other channels of different themes as well as maybe share channels for different holidays and events like Snapchat do.

Periscope want their users to be looking for the interesting and unique. Twitter know that video is what's probably going to save them and Periscope is their best platform for that. The service still isn't perfect, but if works well, even against the stiff competition of Facebook Live won't be able to stop them. The addition of an editor's pick section doesn't make it stand out against them, but it will make the service more practical for new users. Not everyone is going to want to stream straight away and not everyone will know how to look for something they're interested in. These streams can help people decide what they like and will show them what they can actually do during the streams.

The update is a good new addition and it'll be interesting to see what the editors will pick out as the top videos. This is the work of the new Editor-in-Chief Evan Hansen who was hired back in May who we can assume knows exactly what he's doing. Eventually, the editors picks will probably be sharing current streams that everyone needs to see but for now, enjoy the catch up these picks provides you and hopefully, you won't miss the next streaming trend.

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