Photo App Prisma well on its way to Mass Popularity

Prisma is an app that transforms your photos into works of art. It's something you can do on most photo editors on the computer and it's something that you might think feels outdated, but actually, it's surprisingly popular. Maybe there's something to the fact people like to see themselves as works of art or maybe in the age of Snapchat, people want to see their photos in a different light and play with them.

Essentially all the app does is offer you filters for your photos that look like the artwork of famous artists. If you've ever wanted to turn your dog into a Picasso masterpiece then this is the app for you! If not, well, it might be a little fun to play with anyway. Unless the app grows and maybe switches through certain filters like Snapchat it might not have much growing room after it's been around a while.

At the moment no one can say exactly what is going to happen. Prisma hasn't decided whether they're going to be raising money to improve the app themselves or whether they'll sell to a bigger company. They were in the Facebook office's recently and showing Facebook how their features would work with Facebook Live. At the moment Prisma doesn't actually offer video filters so could this be them trying to get funding? They have said that video filters are something they want to do one day. However, they may decide to emulate Snapchat and try to do well on their own. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat back in the day, but they didn't go for it and this could happen again. However, a few days before Facebook brought MSQRD they were in the office sharing what their app can do too.

No matter what happens this is going to be a big app, it's only been out a month on the iOS store and yet according to App Annie, it's one of the top ten apps right now and number three in the photo and video apps. It has yet to have an official Android release, but there has been an unofficial APK release so Android users can experience the app too. It might not be the smartest thing to download as we don't know how safe that download is yet so maybe try to wait for an official release.

It's hoped that we should know what's happening with Prisma by the end of the week so we'll have to wait and see what's going to happen to it.

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