Pokemon Go is Shattering Install and Daily User Records

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When Pokemon Go was announced we all knew it was going to be a worldwide sensation. The original games were released in Japan 20 years ago this year and yet they're still going strong. There are still new games being released, new anime episodes being aired and new trading cards being collected and battled with. People of many ages love the series and it's no surprise that this AR game that gives people the chance to see Pokemon in our world is oh so popular.

Pokemon Go has already been proven to be more popular than Tinder on Android phones in the US. Twice as many users have installed Pokemon Go on their android devices than they have the dating app. This happened within a day of the app going online in the US and other countries so now that the app is available in the UK that number is only going to grow. This shouldn't come as a surprise when you consider how many people have been playing Pokemon on many different consoles over the years. This app is an app that can be played by children upwards unlike Tinder which can only be used by adults.

SurveyMonkey has also found that Pokemon Go has brought in just under 21 million daily users in a single day. This has surpassed Twitter and has almost beaten Snapchat and Google Maps. It seems likely that the app will even as many people try to warn users away from Pokemon Go. There are risks with privacy - which Niantic have tackled as much as possible with the most recent update so that Google only recognises your email and password but nothing else - and safety. If kids want to play, then adults can go out with them and if you're cautious and look where you're going then there shouldn't be much of a problem. This game is safe if you stick with friends or public places and you use your common sense to try to avoid the risks.

Even with these negative headlines Pokemon Go's user base has continued to grow and as it becomes available in more countries it will most likely surpass quite a few popular apps in installations and users.

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