Snapchat Allow Users to Save and Polish Snaps in Memories

Snapchat is a great app that has always allowed users to snap there and then and share it with the world, or at least a select few friends. The pictures and videos would be raw and wonderful, but on the side, a lot of companies started creating apps and services that would allow them to send a snap out again. Now Snapchat is allowing users to save and edit snaps within the main app itself to allow users to send out snaps again.

A lot of people are going to think this is kind of dumb and in a way, it is. You don't expect to be able to send the same image out more than once and some people work so hard to get the image perfect for one shot anyway. The only way I can see this working is if people save every snap so if they forget to add something, typo or don't notice something weird in the background, they can edit the snap and send it again with corrections. It also means if you capture something happening to you on Snapchat you can save it and will have evidence. However as useful as this could be, generally, this isn't what users wanted.

If you want to save a photo, you can tap the save button in the camera mode. Once it's saved, you can swipe up and your memories screen will appear. You'll see all the photos in a camera roll similar to the one on your phone. As well as the camera roll there is a for your eyes only section that's password protected. This is because the new camera roll feature is meant so you can hand your phone to your friends and let them look through your snaps without worrying about them seeing any more intimate photos you send but want to save.

As well as this the new Memories feature will allow you to upload photos and video from your own camera roll. This was something you could in private snaps before, but now you'll be able to edit them and add them to your story. This could be good for if you had no wi-fi or data in that exact moment, but you wanted to send it as a snap.

This could be a really bad idea for Snapchat though. People love Snapchat because it's raw and its pictures and videos aren't polished. This new update might encourage users to share things that are more polished and that's just not what Snapchat is. It makes it too similar to services like Instagram and that will put some users off.

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