The NBA are Creating Two Twitter Exclusive Shows this Year

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It seems like every few weeks we get more and more news that highlights how far Twitter is willing to go to make their streaming service succeed. They've already gotten the rights to some NFL games, they streamed some Wimbledon related stuff and now we find out that as well as getting the rights to stream Pac-12 sports they've signed a deal with the NBA as well.

This deal maybe isn't as good as say the deal with the NFL. Twitter, unfortunately, won't be getting any chances to stream games here, which is what they originally wanted. Twitter have managed to get something good out of this though as the NBA have agreed to create two TV-style shows to stream only on Twitter. This is a great thing as it means that more NBA fans will be getting on Twitter if they haven't already or maybe they'll get back on in some cases. You probably won't have to have an account to watch the streams, but with all the conversation and content around these streams, you're probably going to want to. And that is what Twitter is aiming for with these streams. They've realised amongst all their problems that video and sports interaction are what they have going for them. They know various sports and games will wind up trending and they know they have users who love to talk about them live so being able to stream shows that will probably be on before and after the game is going to be a big thing.

As well as these shows Twitter and the NBA also agreed to double the number of NBA highlights that are posted on Twitter and other properties owned by them including Vine. Due to these highlights, both Twitter and the NBA can earn money from advertisements that they might not get through streaming. All this essentially means is that you're going to see a lot more about basketball from October 2016. Whether we'll see as much after the season ends will depend on how well Twitter handled the streaming and everything else that came with the NBA deal.

Twitter now seems to be the place to go if you want to live stream sports and it'll be interesting to see how this works out once the sports seasons finally start.

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