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Twitter are making things more practical for businesses by emulating Facebook. They've decided to introduce a little bit of information telling users when the best time to contact the company's account is. As well as this, they're also allowing some users to curate a featured tweets tab.

It's always good to know when exactly you'll get a response if you tweet or message a question. It could be important that you find out the answer straight away. You can sometimes work out yourself what time someone is online, but that can be a pain and it isn't something you want to be doing every time you need to contact a company. Now, on some profiles, you can see what time they're usually online underneath the date when they joined. The time will, of course, change with what time zone you're in and it's just so practical. If you can't access a complaint form, but you can see they're usually on now, you can tweet them and get a response quickly or if they won't be on in a while. You can tell that you might as well message or email them instead as you could be waiting.

At the moment this feature does appear to only be in beta. Only a select few business pages have this feature and we don't know if it will be rolled out to all business users. It seems likely that it will be as it is a helpful feature and we all know Twitter would love to one-up Facebook by beating them at their own feature idea. If that is at all possible.

A second feature Twitter has introduced is a new tab containing users featured tweets. This isn't just for businesses, though, of course, they can put some into place also. Where you see the little tabs for tweets and replies on a user's account, you may now see a button that reads featured. If you click on it the feed will become just the tweets they've curated as these are what they think the best or the most important things they've said are. Provided you edit it regularly, this could be very helpful. You'll have an up-to-date collection showing people what you want them to know you're proud of. This could also be helpful for businesses who want to highlight events and so on.

Once again this feature is currently only in beta for certain users. It could be useful but we won't know if they plan on rolling it out to everyone until they do.

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