Twitter Strike a Live Stream Deal in the Political Sector

Twitter seem to be making deals to stream left, right and centre right now. It was only last week that they were streaming behind the scenes of Wimbledon and now we hear they've made a deal to stream the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

What Twitter has gotten the rights to stream is the CBSN feed, the 24-hour digital news feed ran by CBS. This service will be free to watch and you'll be able to view it whether you have a Twitter account or not. It seems likely that Twitter are paying to stream the feed but they have chosen not to comment on this matter. Streaming political news seems a little weird for Twitter, but when you consider the House sit in that was live streamed on Periscope recently, you can see that people want to see more about politics on Twitter. This live stream might not seem as interesting, it might just be the news as it comes in, but for people interested in US politics it could be very useful.

It seems as if Twitter are trying to stream as much as they possibly can. Whether it's that they want to take over the video market in the hope that it will prevent Twitter from dying or they just want to practice streaming before their big American football stream later this year. We can assume that they will be getting some sort of financial gain from advertising, but we cannot be certain about any of this really. All we know is that Twitter is streaming this among other things. It'll probably work similar to the Wimbledon feeds so that people can tweet and read other tweets whilst they watch the news. This is where Twitter is strongest and where it will continue to be so when it comes to streaming. They know that people want to be social whilst they watch anything and that's why Twitter is great for this.

As well as these Convention streams, Twitter is also trying to buy the rights to stream football and NBA games. We don't know how successful they'll be, but if they do manage to win it then we can be pretty sure that Twitter will be leading when it comes to streaming very soon. For now, though, if you wish to watch the convention streams, the Republican Convention will be held from July 18th-21st and the Democratic Convention will be held from July 25th-28th.

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