Twitter to Stream More Sports with NHL and MLB

Twitter really are on a roll right now. It was only last week that they signed a deal with the NBA which garnered them two Twitter exclusive shows; now another show is being added to their listing as well as MLB and NHL games.

Compared to the NFL, the amount of users wanting to watch MLB and NHL games will be small, but that doesn't make this a bad idea. Twitter are essentially pulling together their own sports channel and considering how well sports does on there, that's going to make it very attractive. The MLB and NHL games that Twitter gets will not be the big games like the playoffs and it'll only be one game per week that isn't airing on TV. This doesn't sound too bad, what's a little more awkward are the localisation conditions. Basically, if either of the teams playing is local to where you are then you won't be able to watch the match. This seems strange when you consider that most people into baseball will only watch their home team games and hockey is probably somewhat similar in that aspect. If you've moved out of the area of your team then this will be great news for you as you will be able to watch their games again, but for now, things are in a more questionable state.

Bidding for and winning all these sports games on their own streams whilst improving Periscope on the side does make it seem as if Twitter is the social media outlet taking streaming the most seriously. Facebook might be doing fairly well with their own and YouTube might be the place a lot of people still go for video, but Twitter is trying something neither of them has. Yes, Twitter is streaming things other than sports like the political conferences, but they know what their users like to talk about and they're using that to keep the users they have and get others on board, even if they don't make an account just yet.

As well as these much-coveted matches there is another show that Twitter has won the rights to. It's called The Rally and it's being produced by 120 Sports. It'll stream each night on Twitter this autumn and will be a general sports analysis and highlights show so you'll hopefully see a little of everything on it, even if you missed the game streamed that night as you were out or watching something else. All of this together means that it will be easier to watch games with friends and to join in a wide conversation about the highlights of it and other sports over Twitter later. Even though their choice in games might be questionable, if there's a service that can make sports streaming social, then it's Twitter.

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