YouTube Introduce Live Streaming to their Mobile App

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YouTube is probably the best platform to live stream on. It's not a specialist live streaming service like Periscope, but it's an accomplished video service with a lot of famous users who make a name for themselves through video. At the moment only a few of these YouTube celebrities have access to these features, but they've announced that they're opening this feature up to everyone.

Live streaming is definitely something that YouTube want to break further into. When you stream on there the video is saved on your channel for people to watch, which is practical. It's also the best service to stream on as you can share videos both pre-recorded and streamed to get the biggest following. However, streaming on there so far has been difficult, but YouTube has announced that users will soon be able to stream from their phones. This will open it up to more people who may not have streamed before as they didn't think any of their Twitter or Facebook followers would care. YouTube's live streams will look a lot like Periscope's with the layout, but this is so users find the streams easily accessible. YouTube have pointed out that their service will still be preferable as users can search for streams as they do pre-recorded videos.

The timing of this announcement is rather amusing, though. Yesterday YouTube's competitor Periscope had a moment of fame when it was used to stream the sit in the House of Representatives. This was something they couldn't show using TV cameras so streaming was the best way for them to get their message to the world. As well as this Tumblr now allows live streaming through YouTube so this makes it more practical to do this too. YouTube needs to widen their live streaming or they'll fall behind the others and as the most well-known video service that would not be good.

YouTube haven't announced a date for when this feature will be released, but they have said that it will be available for general users soon. It seems likely that it will either be released to Android devices first or will get a release across all mobile devices immediately.

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