American Political Show: Stay Tuned with Bots

In the land of the free, home of the brave, people are running for cover from the impending catastrophe of the 2016 presidential head-on collision. Anybody not anticipating chaos in America clearly isn't paying close enough attention to the unnatural and discouraging power struggle that is Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. If you have been watching the spectacle, then you know that it's been a roller coaster ride trying to keep up with all the low-down comments, head-to-head battles, and moments of idiocy flooding the internet.
In our screen-filled world, we've found a way to make the important things, like Bill Clinton's speech attempting to raise his wife's reputation, available to all with a few mouse clicks. For popular news outlets The Washington Post and BuzzFeed, Facebook Messenger bots are the next generation of news sharing.
Using Twitter and Double Robotics' telepresence robot, The Washington Post has found a way to do interactive, live-stream reporting. News will be broadcasted live over Periscope, giving viewers the option to ask questions through chat. Watchers will have a chance to add their two cents to anything that's reported on, or ask for clarification when merited. Something like this has not been seen in the professional world before... except for its regular application in Twitch streams. Chat is all-important in Twitch because it opens a dialogue between streamer and viewer, much in the way The Washington Post is trying to do for the everyman and his news outlet.

As if the bot takeover weren't scary enough, the Post's bot will have a physical presence thanks the Double Robotics. The automated bot can move around independently of any controls in order to gather news.
BuzzFeed is hopping on the live-stream train too with their bot, BuzzBot. Unlike The Washington Post's Periscope, Buzzbot will gather much of its information by asking questions which will change depending on the event and person in question. According to BuzzFeed, Buzzbot will "tag along with everyone, all the time, everywhere they go." Creepy, right? Not as creepy as at-home viewers being asked questions in order to gauge the mass' reactions. Buzzbot is going to be all up in everyone's business! It's on a mission to gather as much intelligence, including public opinion, to report back to BuzzFeed News.

Using Facebook Messenger, each can report on top stories, give election results based on location and deliver general news about conventions/events/protests. If you're interested in the Post's bot, check out this video from Double Robotics.

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