Celebrate the Olympics on Snapchat with Stickers, Filters and Lenses

Big events are always celebrated on Snapchat with filters and lenses. Sponsored or not. Snapchat know that it's what their users expect. The Olympics is one of the world's biggest events every four years and Rio 2016 is no exception. To celebrate it Snapchat has released new filters and lenses as well as stickers and of course, Live Stories.

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There are a few different Olympics-themed lenses but the one that caught my eye places a headband on you with your country's flag on. When you open your mouth, fireworks pop up around you. It's very bright, very patriotic and something that many people will want to share with their friends when their country scores gold. The sad thing is that you can only show your support for your own country so if you're taking part in a sweepstake or something and you're given a different country who you're happy when they win, you can't share it. That kind of sucks but otherwise there could be too many options. As well as this the filters are also aimed at allowing users to be patriotic. The filters will be in your country's colours and there is also one with a medal count that changes as your country earns more medals.

Something else that Snapchat is offering is Olympics-themed stickers. These stickers are the typical style that Snapchat offers so they may look a little weird but you can add them on snaps or send them in chat so that means you can use them to celebrate as you watch the Olympics. This isn't limited to what country you're in so this could be a lot of fun.

Finally, Snapchat is also curating Live Stories of the events. This will depend on your country as Snapchat only has broadcast deals in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Latin America. It's likely that these events will be limited to the events of your country or general area again but considering nearly everything is on this Snapchat update, that's hardly a surprise.

This update should have rolled out on both iOS and Android now.

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