Does Facebook Show You Irrelevant Ads? There's a Way to Fix That

Facebook is generally the social media service with the most well-targeted ads. Generally, they tend to be advertising something that you're at least semi-interested in, even if you don't click on the ads themselves. But every now and then ads might pop up that have nothing to do with you and what you like and let's face it, those are the ads you want to get rid of.

In the past, you had no clue what Facebook thought you liked unless it was something you'd liked yourself, but a recent update has changed that. If you see an ad that you're curious about then you can click the little downwards facing arrow in the right-hand corner and click why am I seeing this ad. They'll give you a reason and then you can click view ad preferences. In that section, you can see all the topics that Facebook thinks you're interested in. Chances are you might see some things that you don't actually like but you should be able to click a little x in the top right corner and get rid of this topic.

This is a really simple thing to do but obviously, it's not completely necessary. If you ignore all the ads anyway then it doesn't matter what they show you. But after the recent issues with Adblock no longer working on Facebook, it might be worth looking into you if irrelevant ads do bother you. It shouldn't take you long and by doing this you're telling Facebook that I am only interested in these things.

Most users won't bother with this but for those who do, it is kind of practical. When Facebook knows your preferences, they can be used for more than just advertising. In the future, it could help with event suggestions or even with bot conversations on Messenger as the company knows what appeals to you and what you want. Especially when you consider the adverts you see here you could see elsewhere such as Instagram and any other services that Facebook wind up buying in the future.

Adverts are such a small thing but they bring in so much revenue that it's important to Facebook that they get them right. So next time you complain about an ad you see, remember you can choose what ads you can and can't see.

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