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With the last update to the news feed making it so your friends' posts are considered more important than news stories, it's no surprise that Facebook now want to change what order we see the news in. Facebook have been gathering information on what news people want to hear about and it should be targeted at each user personally.

Facebook have been doing this by holding interviews with a wide-set of different participants from around the world and asking them what they consider important news. They then have the news articles looked at by a feed quality panel who continuously monitor the news feeds to review articles and give feedback. They also hold global surveys daily to find out what you like and don't like. As well as this Facebook takes note of what you like, what you click on and they show you the news that they think you want. This is a good thing as it means that you should come across the news that you care about.

Unlike the last change, this update won't bring more or less news to your news feed. It just changes the order of the news that already appears. It just means that people interested in celebrity might get more entertainment use and people interested in politics will get the news about that. As well as that you can assume that any important world news or anything that will affect your country will also pop up quite high on your feed. This will hopefully mean that you can trust that the news that appears on Facebook will be seen in good time.

Some businesses that rely on referrals to their articles and so on might be a little worried. If their article isn't considered important then no one can see it. But at least you now know how the articles appear on your feed. If you want your articles to appear as important then you'll need to get lots of people to share them to make them visible.

In general, this might not really change how you see your news feed. The news might be a little more relevant to you but it's not going to mean you're checking it every day. This update is great but only if you choose to check the news.

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