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Facebook introduced their slideshow ads as a form of a lightweight video where video otherwise might not load. They were introduced back in October and they allowed publishers to share between 3 and 7 images that would make a little slideshow in the ad carousel. Now Facebook has decided it's time to improve on that.

The first improvement that needs mentioning is that your ad can now contain up to 10 images within one slideshow. More images allow for more movement in the slideshow and also provides businesses with the opportunity to share as much of the necessary information as possible. The best thing about this update is that you're no longer limited to pretty much just using those few pictures to advertise your business or product. Now you can also add text and music, you'll be able to choose from templates and customise colours and you'll be able to upload your own music or even use photos from Facebook's stock gallery. These new options give you a much better chance of being able to  sell your product well as you have all these different aspects you can make attractive.

It might be worth remembering though that a lot of these ads will be viewed mobile. So you want it to be the best ad for someone who might be watching it on public transport on mute as well as someone sat at home with the volume up loud. Music is a nice touch but it shouldn't be the most important aspect of the advert.

Some of you might be asking, are they even worth making as they're so basic? The answer is that they definitely are. Not only can they be strung together in a few minutes if you don't have much time but you can also create these adverts yourself whilst you're mobile.If you're someone who doesn't have much time or who needs a more cost effective way to advertise then this could be the perfect way for you to get your business out there. These adverts can even be seen with people on a 2G connection so you may get more of a response than ever before.

For the moment these new features have only been rolled out to Android users but it is a global release so if you're and eager Android user looking for more ways to advertise your services or products then check the features out now.

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