Facebook Introduces Teen-Only App Lifestage

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Over the weekend you may or may not have heard about Lifestage. It's the new iOS-only app for teenagers released by Facebook. It's standalone and it doesn't look like it requires you to have a Facebook account as you build your profile from scratch. Some people are saying this is Facebook's next attempt to compete with Snapchat but it doesn't seem that way.

Lifestage is a rather basic app. There isn't much you can really do and it's pretty much just changing your answers to the different questions now and then. The times have changed and teenagers today are getting used to sharing video, it makes sense that they'd have an app where they can share everything as a video. This app is camera-first and you can pick a variety of categories to record a video in. You might want to share a video of you dancing around to a song you love right now and share it under your happy face or if you're hanging out with your best friend you might want to record something silly under the best friend header. These videos give you the option to add filters and overlays so you can make every video special to you. This app has no messenger tie in either as the way Michael Sayman who created the app sees it, teenagers already have their preferred messenger platforms so they don't need another. Instead, they can fill in a little bit of text under their name letting people know where else they can contact them.

What's interesting about this app is the teenager-only aspect of it. It looks as if people 22 and over can install the app and they can make an account but they can only see their profile. If you're 21 and under though then you have to share your school and then you can see people nearby you. Well, technically you can only see people nearby once 20 people from your school have installed the app and registered to it which is pretty clever and does take you back to the days when Facebook was still new and focused on college students. The only worry is that it doesn't look like there is a way to prevent people from lying about being young enough and once your videos are on the app, pretty much anyone can see them. This might seem like a good idea but these videos aren't private and they aren't just disappearing once someone has seen them.

The idea of being able to build a profile using short videos is great, even aiming this app at teenagers is a good idea but maybe the way it's being handled isn't. There hasn't been much news on this so far and a lot of people are actually finding it creepy. In the past, a lot of Facebook's standalone apps have not done well so we'll have to see what user attitudes will do to Lifestage in the future.

However, if you are under 21 and you want to give the app a go then you can install the app from the iOS store now but only if you're in the US.

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