Facebook Rolls Out Personalised Olympics Section and More

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Facebook are trying to get in on sports once again but with the Olympics, that's no surprise. The entire world gets involved in the Olympics, even people who don't usually care about sports. If you've been on Facebook since August 1st then a message may have popped up asking if you're excited about the games and prompting you to click on a link.

If you've clicked on that link then it will have taken you to a personalised Olympics page. On this page, you'd see a "dynamic" mix of content including search results, Olympics-themed conversation, events and live video all personalised to you.

It doesn't say how they've personalised it, but you can assume it's organised by the country you're in and maybe if you talk about a lot about a certain event. For instance, you post a lot about your volleyball team so you see about the volleyball and so on. The greeting will also appear on the 21st of August which will be in time for the closing ceremony.

Most users will close this tab as it just looks like a random attempt to get users to post more, which could be rather annoying. The problem is that if you did want to see the Olympics page, but didn't know what that link was, you could be missing out.

Just as the Sports Stadium was hard to find on Facebook, so are the Olympics pages. Facebook is notoriously hard to navigate when you're looking for something short-term and this is no different. If you want to find the Olympics page later on, then at the moment there doesn't seem to be a way. This could encourage some users to stick to Twitter where they can easily find and track everything.

As well as the page Facebook is also offering new profile frames on Facebook and flag masks on MSQRD. The frames can be placed over your profile picture as other frames have been and will show a banner for Rio 2016 with your country's flag in the bottom left corner of the image.

The flag masks on the MSQRD on the other hand kind of look like face paint. You'll flick through the offered filters as usual and you can choose the country you're cheering for's flag to use as a mask. It seems unlikely that they'll offer one for every single country outside of that country but this is a fun way to show your support.

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