Instagram Emulating Snapchat With Stories Feature

Snapchat is pretty much Instagram's biggest rival these days. The two services handle photography and video differently, but people still love them for pretty much the same reason that that's because they can share their work with friends. Instagram is more open to the world and due to that the work tends to be more carefully curated. This means that users don't post to Instagram as often as the company would like though, and this latest update hopes to change that.

We've all heard of Snapchat Stories and now Instagram introduces their own Stories! They're pretty much exactly the same thing on two completely different apps. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering Facebook has made it perfectly clear in the past that they want to emulate SnapchatTheir most recent attempt before this on their flagship app was a dud, but taking pretty much the same idea to Instagram instead works a lot better.

Instagram Stories appear at the top of your app as five little circle options. One of these buttons is for your story and will allow you to open up the camera. Unlike Instagram's normal camera, this one is full screen allowing you to take better portrait photos that you can write or draw on. This means that you can make and share those masterpiece drawings that people did over their faces on Snapchat but they will only last for 24 hours.

Instagram have realised that people don't want to post a lot on their service because they want all the photos on there to be perfect. Instagram photos are permanent where Snapchat photos aren't, so, they took a leaf out of their book. When you click on a friend's story it will show you their story from the last 24 hours.

Once that period of time has passed on that particular photo, it disappears. Like the rest of Instagram, these stories are shown to you algorithmically so they'll show you the ones they think you want to see first. Once you've watched one story, it'll move automatically onto the next so you'll be sitting through four stories at once. You can choose whether certain friends can't see your stories as well so you do have a semblance of privacy but not as much as Snapchat.

When asked about essentially copying Snapchat, Instagram pointed out that a lot of apps are taking on features like this. Facebook was the first service with a feed and now most services have them and it's the same with Twitter and hashtags. This is all true, but most people don't see the point in this feature as they don't want to use Instagram the same as they do Snapchat. They're totally different apps and unless someone can't use Snapchat, this might not seem all that great. Yes, people may sometimes post screenshots of their favourite snaps onto Instagram but this doesn't mean they want to Snapchat on Instagram.

Stories will roll out globally on Tuesday for iOS and Android.

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