Instagram Introducing 'Save Draft' Feature

For those of you who struggle to find that perfect inspirational, chill, but not-trying-too-hard caption for your Instagram post, fear not, Instagram will be adding a "Save Draft" option. Since July, some users have reported seeing it on the app; apparently, the feature was up for a test run then and has continued into August.

The lucky few who are able to take advantage of this test run will find that it requires no effort whatsoever to use. Simply tapping the back button from an edited picture will bring up a dialog box with the option to Discard or Save Draft. From there, saved drafts will appear as the first saved item in the camera roll. All drafts currently saved can be found by selecting "See All."

This option has been requested by loyal Instagram users since the beginning. It can be difficult to present the perfect persona without having the option to review it later or save it until inspiration strikes; this becomes especially important when posting multiple times a day. Having the option to pick up where you last left a post would save a lot of headaches, regrets, and ill-chosen captions.

As of now, the feature is "just an experiment for the time being," not something the rest of us plebs can anxiously countdown to. This was confirmed in a statement to TechCrunch. I can't tell you how many filters have been thrown to the wayside simply because of my indecisive nature. Alas, if only this had been available since the beginning. And yet, here we stand, on the crux of greatness with Instagram watching from high-peaked towers; holding social media in one hand and the future in another.

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