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If you're a regular social video watcher, then when there's a holiday or any other sort of big event then you know to check Snapchat Stories. There you'll find a video that collects many of their users' videos together to celebrate this event. Instagram is now trying something similar and though it won't be easy, they seem to stand a good chance at succeeding.

This is something that we have essentially talked about before but Instagram has gone backwards and forwards when it comes to highlighting events. When Instagram introduced the Spotlight last year, it was purely focused on holiday videos. You would have seen something for Halloween for example but then they decided they wanted something more regular. After that, Spotlight would update every day with random categories of videos from skateboarding to comedians until Instagram decided to tailor this section to individual users. Now Instagram has gone back to pushing events in the Spotlight.

Events are harder to curate videos for than categories and things like that. You need to have a lot of people taking videos of the same thing or at least videos of the same theme, and you then need to find all the interesting videos and pull them together. To make it even harder Instagram want to be able to personalise these event categories. This suggests that there will be a few of them and users may see different events suggested to them due to their own interests. This is kind of cool but also a little sad at the same time as it means you might miss out on some events.

The event videos will be pulled together purely by an algorithm. In the past, their curated event feeds were put together by humans so it'll be interesting to see whether this changes the quality of the videos. The real test of this will be how many users actually view these events. People check Snapchat Stories and see what's going on every day and that's what Instagram want to emulate.

This feature was rolled out on the 17th in the US only but hopefully, it'll roll out to the rest of the world soon.

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