LinkedIn Finally Introduces Video
It's taken a long time, but LinkedIn is finally taking baby steps to introduce video. This feature isn't open for all but it's a start for a service that up until recently has still been stuck firmly in the past. Video might seem like an odd addition to a business network but video is everywhere now. If LinkedIn didn't introduce video, then they'd fall even more behind and that's the last thing they need.

The now Microsoft-owned service has released a new app for their 500 influential users. In this app, they can easily create and share video. Considering a lot of businesses are moving onto Facebook and Twitter for reasons of easy access and the ability to share video, this is important. For the moment this means that these influencers can share video updates as well as video tutorials on things like networking.

These videos will pop up on the flagship app and site so you'll be able to experience them soon enough. These videos will auto-play on the desktop site but not on the app. This seems kind of weird, but it is still early days and this is nothing like LinkedIn have done before. This will be Microsoft's influence. They might not really have experience with social media, but they do with programs and apps. This is clearly already bringing a sorely needed new lease of life to the service.

It's unknown if the feature will eventually roll out to all users, but if it does it could actually change the way people look for and find jobs again. People can showcase their skills on video or create a video CV of sorts. If someone is featured in a work video as well, they can share it like they would on Facebook. LinkedIn isn't looked upon or as shared as much anyway so hopefully this can bring that back. You have to remember that these videos can only be 30 seconds long though so you have to make the point quickly.

LinkedIn will not be using any algorithms to push videos higher up to make them more popular. You'll find these videos naturally so they might take a while to start popping up. The app was introduced on the 2nd of August so you could see them now.

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