The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Iris Recognition, and What the Future Holds
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to be released on September 2nd and the most anticipated feature is the introduction of iris recognition technology; that's right, we're on a Minority Report level of tech.
Could this change the landscape of social media platforms? Is this a new concern for our security or is it the opposite?

Firstly, virtually all previous technology that identifies a physical aspect of yourself in order to access your phone has only been used for security, i.e. our fingerprint can get us into our phone quicker, pay for things quicker, etc.

It hasn't been used in an interesting way as yet, though. The challenge for Samsung and for all social media platforms is to make it different, to make me actually care about this change.

The phone's selling point seems to be from an angle of security, the complete opposite of how a lot of us feel about the concept of a phone recognising you, knowing who you are. It seems super intrusive but is it really any different to fingerprint technology that we already have?

The incremental steps towards these physically identifying features is like a foot in the door technique easing us into the tech giants idea for the world of tomorrow.

Theoretically, the iris recognition technology can be used to identify other people; so now you're intruding upon others' privacy in a new way, similar to the app FindFace, which is used to find strangers on social media.

Snapchat has facial recognition technology and they've managed to use it in a pretty cool way; one second I'm looking at an ordinary Cameron, then an endless rainbow spills from the slightest gap between my lips. Every so often they use lenses and filters to encourage discussion within politics among young people, which is otherwise pretty difficult to do. Could eye-recognition technology act as a new way of storytelling?

Eyes are incredibly expressive; it could perhaps be used for people who can't read how others feel or detect whether a politician is genuine, instead of just being used to open your phone - make us care about it.
This kind of identification technology allow companies to build a farrago of faces and their particular traits and now it's right down to individual body parts. It's a little worrying but there's an opportunity to be creative with it, someone will make something awesome, stand up for society and say "I am Iron Man".


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