Triller's Social Shift Into a Sharing Platform

The popular music video creation app Triller has added a range of social features, signalling its move towards developing into a social media platform.

To fill you in on the recent history, Triller appeared on the scene in July last year, when the craze of lip-syncing was really getting underway, especially among American private users, social networkers, comedians, and celebrities.

Other apps like and Dubsmash have enjoyed massive popularity, based on similar-but-different lip-syncing premises. We have seen a surge of this activity from famous faces, both online and onscreen, propelled by a range of late night chat shows, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, and Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle. Numerous clips from both of these have gone viral.

Back to Triller. The app essentially edits together footage you film on your phone’s camera into a decent quality music video. You pick a song, filter and speed setting, and record yourself singing along from a variety of angles until you’re satisfied with the clips. Then, you press a button and –  ta da! Triller cuts all the takes together into a fairly seamless musical production, starring you/your friends/co-workers/passers-by.

Since its launch, Triller has mainly been used to create videos which were then uploaded and shared around social media sites. With the new upgrade, each user of the app has a profile to which they can upload their musical creations. They can now follow other users, and explore the new ‘Triller Famous’ listings, a section that displays a curated selection of videos. Triller creatives submit their own content to have a chance of appearing on this list.

CEO and co-founder David Leiberman has divulged that Triller was very happy with the response, with nearly a million users already signed up to put their videos forward. This is pretty good going, and indicates that a significant portion of the app’s 10 million downloads are buying into the social, sharing development of Triller.

Developers at Triller brought in Californian director Colin Tilley to offer his expertise to the project. At just 28 years old, Tilley has already been nominated for a Grammy, and has an impressive list of artists for whom he has written and directed music videos. These include Kendrick Lamar, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher, Rita Ora, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne.

Triller CEO Leiberman says the app’s appeal lies in the way it combines ease of use with ‘the illusion of glamour that’s often destroyed in video.’ He is proud of the quality of the videos Triller produces and the accessibility of the app:

‘With Triller, you don’t have to be Colin Tilley to make a music video that looks like it was shot by Colin Tilley. The app truly democratizes the music video creation process. Whether you’re hanging in the park with friends or an artist on tour, Triller makes it easy and fun to create great-looking music videos.

‘We’re giving people the opportunity to make a video that doesn’t look like a bad bar mitzvah video.’

Despite that amusing comparison, Leiberman has a point. In the past, creating a video that of passable quality has required a range of skills, camera equipment, editing software, not to mention the creative minds to bring the footage to life.

There are now apps you can download which will slice a decent video together for you very quickly, cost nothing, and need little skill to make. And you can be done with the whole process in under half an hour.

On top of the obvious fun that comes with starring in your own music video, and laughing at unflattering angles of your nearest and dearest, this kind of medium could be smartly harnessed by businesses. A video of colleagues grooving and singing to a favourite anthem could well boost traffic and help grow a strong online presence, as well as showing off your less serious side, and engaging audiences with content they actually want to watch.

There’s definitely potential for what seems like a silly app to become a useful marketing tool and platform. Who knows, your office sing-along might even go viral.

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