Tumblr Seeking Ad Revenue from Blogs

Tumblr isn't a site that has been that heavy on advertising in the past and that's been considered both a good thing and a bad thing. Users like the fact they don't have to worry about too many ads taking over their screens, but Tumblr need to be able to sell advertising space to earn money. Now they have a new plan in place that they hope will make users more keen on adverts.

Most of the adverts on Tumblr aren't too bad. You get some pop up on your dash semi-disguised as posts, but you can easily scroll past and ignore them. You also get a small ad at the bottom of the sidebar that isn't a problem either. The only issue users have had is with the random audio ads that have been popping up recently, as they cannot be ignored easily or closed. Users understand the need for advertisement but those ads are too intrusive. All of this makes me wonder how users are going to feel about Tumblr's next attempt at advertisement. Users can now allow Tumblr to share ads on their blogs; I've not seen any pop up on any blogs yet although they were introduced this week, so I don't know whether they're going to show up as posts or if they'll only pop up in the theme garden on the side. Where they're situated could change how users feel about them. Tumblr have decided however, that if they're going to place adverts on someone's blog that they should offer them the chance to make money off of it.

In the past some users did try to make money out of having adverts on their blogs. This was technically against the rules, but many popular blogs such as Pizza were part of a huge group of users who would place adverts on their blog, sometimes even in posts, and would convince friends and other users trying to make money to click on them. These users would have to be pretty popular for this to work. They would need a lot of people willing to click on their blogs and then on the ads. For this to work again, in a way Tumblr approves of, users are going to have to be doing the same thing. This may, understandably, annoy and alienate some users however, users who had their accounts deleted over the advertising and have now had to make new accounts.

Fortunately, if you don't want adverts, you can easily turn them off by going into the Tumblr settings. Users will not be making any money out of these adverts at first as Tumblr are still trying to put them into place, but I'm not sure how many people are going to bother. For popular blogs this could be an easy way to make a little extra money and it is something Tumblr have apparently wanted to put into place for a while. It's just always hard to say how well any form of advertisement is going to work on Tumblr.

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