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If you like to game socially then chances are that you've at least heard of Twitch even if you don't use it yourself. It's a great service if you like to stream games or simply watch other users' experiences with them. It has a large community on its own but this acquisition could help them grow.

The company that Twitch has decided to acquire is Curse, another company you may have heard of if you're an avid gamer, to help enhance their users' gaming experience. Curse owns and runs many sites dedicated to helping gamers as well as services that allow them to download mods and the programs so that they can stream their games if they like. At the moment Twitch doesn't have any technology of their own to facilitate streaming and they simply host the streams from other programs. This acquisition would mean that Twitch would no longer have to suggest third party software to start streams and this means that people may be happier to use Twitch then they were before

As well as this they could also use Curse to make the general user experience on Twitch better. It's a simple enough to access site and everything is clear enough but now Twitch could easily link to information and tips about games, and people can actually hold discussions about these games. It could also help improve the chat interface though very little work needs to be done there.

This was actually a pretty good match up. Curse only really focuses on competitive games and a lot of the content streamed on Twitch is competitive games. So this might not help people who play games like Stardew Valley but if you want to stream Hearthstone then there could soon be more focus on that game. Right now neither company is saying anything about what they have planned and they might not even know. This is still a brand new acquisition and it's not one we really saw coming. eSports and social gaming are getting more and more popular so if Twitch wants to stay popular, then they need to keep improving before YouTube Gaming catches up.

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