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Stickers were new to Twitter this year but aside from an article before they fully rolled out, we've not really talked about them and the reason for that was not many users seem to be all that excited about them. Twitter must be doing something right though as they've decided to start offering promoted stickers.

If you don't know already then these stickers are only for photos. When you go to post a photo, whether it's already on your phone or you take it then and there, you'll then see a little smiley face button in the bottom right corner of the image. If you tap that you'll open up the stickers menu. Stickers can be moved around, rotated and resized, and you can use them more than once. If you're not interested in adding them then they're easy to avoid as the option isn't too in your face. That may change a little with these promoted stickers but hopefully not. There are several different sections within the stickers options but promoted stickers will be under the featured subsection.

The promoted stickers will be clearly highlighted so if you don't like that brand, you can avoid them. The promoted stickers work in the same way as the normal stickers, only Twitter earn some money from the companies creating them. Considering their recent problems, this Snapchat copycat move was clearly an attempt to bring in more users and more money. The only problem is that users aren't going to be flocking towards the feature if they don't hear about it much. I wrote about the feature back in March before Twitter were even certain they were going to release it and when it did come out in June, I don't really remember hearing much of anything. Twitter have been pushing video so hard that it seems like that's what they want to be known for, but that isn't leaving room for much else.

Promoted stickers won't bring in much income, especially compared to what they must be getting from all these streams they're taking on but it's something their users can interact with. If Twitter keeps pushing forwards with that in mind then Stickers could eventually do well. If you're looking forward to testing this out, the first round of promoted stickers are in partnership with Pepsi.

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