Twitter Now Allows Users to Message You from Other Sites

Social media is such a huge thing that posting links to it on your website can be incredibly useful. Not only does it mean they have an easy way to access your account but it means they can privately message you if they need help with anything at all. Not all businesses will like this but in the social media age, this can really help your business along.

This update follows on the recent change to business pages. Not long ago Twitter made it so that business pages on the site would have a large message button where there used to be a tweet to and message button side by side. Twitter are trying to encourage users to privately message businesses rather than just tweeting them. This could be so that if you follow their accounts your timeline isn't filled with them helping other people but it's more likely due to the fact Twitter's direct messages have a 10,000 character limit compared to a tweet's 140 characters. This means that you can go into more detail about what your problem is and may help you get personalised help rather than just told to look somewhere else or email them.

A message button that links to Twitter could replace the traditional contact boxes that many websites have. It means that you won't have to leave an email, provided you have a Twitter account. All you need to do is message them on the service and you'll be alerted when they respond. This is pretty practical if you need a response quickly but that'll only work if the company has people who spend a lot of time monitoring Twitter. For people who refuse to use the service, on the other hand, this could wind up being more trouble than it's worth. Twitter might be hoping to gain more users this way but it could just wind up frustrating people more than anything and put them off Twitter,

Sadly the buttons aren't working perfectly yet. Some people are getting error messages when they try to test the feature but it is still pretty new. Eventually, this feature could become something incredibly useful so it's definitely worth trying to use it.

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