Twitter Streamed Their First eSports Competition

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Gaming isn't something you do alone anymore, and that's pretty amazing. Services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have proven that people actually enjoy watching people game and that means that these videos need to go a step further. There have been video game tournaments for years and now Twitter has finally streamed one, making it more open to the public then eSports tournaments have been in the past.

This tournament is in partnership with Eleague and the game that the competitors had to play was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The competition itself was held in Atlanta and the stream of the first semi-final started at 5PM EST on July 29th with the second semi-final at 10PM EST. The main streams were shown on Periscope with the Eleague Twitter account tweeting highlights, score updates, GIFs and stats.

This means the tournament was pretty widely spread across Twitter, even if the game they're showed isn't the most hugely popular one. Twitter isn't the only service that got to stream these games though so some users might not have bothered catching it on there. Serious gamers may be more inclined to watch it on Twitch where they're used to watching games and other people may watch it on TBS if they'd rather see it on TV.

Twitter are doing this so they can highlight how good their streaming is and attract gamers. The problem is that not all gamers are going to be willing to go back to Twitter after GamerGate. Checking out the teams for the competition, the players do all look to be male so there shouldn't have been a problem with certain Twitter users attacking female gamers, but it's still going to make some users nervous. GamerGate isn't an event that anyone is going to forget anytime soon and because of that Twitter isn't going to be the place that a lot of people talk about gaming.

Eleague's stream wasn't a complete fail, but it wasn't something you'll hear a lot of people talking about either. Some gamers did watch the stream and as Twitter is social, they were able to congratulate the winning team easily after each match. Some companies used the Twitter presence to tweet advertisements and encourage their own business and that's always good.

The only way we'll know how truly successful this has been, is if we see Twitter streaming more gaming competitions in the future, but at the moment Twitter video is still mostly physical sports.

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