Twitter's Dark Mode Now Available on iOS

Dark mode might sound like a pointless update that does nothing and for a lot of people, it might be but it's an example of one of the rare instances where an update went to Android first and is only just being brought to iOS.

All dark mode does is turn your background a dark grey and your font white. If you simply prefer the look of it then you can have it on all the time. The idea of it is that a dark background with white text is easier to read when you're in the dark. Most e-readers offer similar options and considering Twitter is such a text heavy service - even if split into such short posts - this is pretty practical and it is easier on the eyes. If you want to turn it on then click the 'me' button in the bottom right corner and the gear icon at the top of that menu. You select turn dark mode on there and can turn it off there too if you're switching between night and day.

The most interesting aspect about this is that this feature has only just come to iOS. Changing an app's background and font colour isn't difficult and it isn't something that you think would affect iOS devices in a way that they didn't like. So why did it take so long? We don't know but it means that for once an Android app is ahead of the game. A night mode is practical and it's something that most apps should provide if you are going to spend a long time reading.

However, in the grand scale of things, this isn't exactly a big update. Twitter have a lot of work to do and introducing a night mode isn't exactly something they need. Helpful and practical, sure but nothing special or stand out for a social media app. Their recent updates seem a little slow and not all that useful but even their filter seems a little more practical than this.

If you want to activate this feature make sure that Twitter is up to date and it should be available now.

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