We can Finally See How Encrypted Chats Will Look on Google Allo

When we found out about Google's new messaging apps, Allo seemed like it was going to be a pretty good one. The addition of the Google Assistant and the offered extra encryption sounded like a really good idea. And now we finally get to see how it's going to work.

To start with you can't use the Google Assistant in incognito mode. This means Google can't take context from your conversations to help you book reservations and so on. You can still do basic Google searches but it pretty much just turns it into a normal messenger in this way. When you're in Incognito mode you'll know as any messages you receive will be on a dark grey background with a mini-version of the Incognito symbol from Chrome. This means you should know when you're private or when you can use Google Assistant.

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As well as this there are also timed messages. These messages do exactly what they say on the tin so you can only see them for a certain period of time before they disappear. You can set how long exactly you want messages to be visible but it won't be on each individual message. You simply change the length of time in the chat and then any messages after that are only available for that period of time until you change it again. You can set the messages to show for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or if you don't want to limit your messages reading time, none. The only problem with this is that whoever you send it to doesn't have a timer so if they don't notice when they receive the message, it may disappear before they've read it or when they're in the middle of doing so. That could be incredibly frustrating so you may have to warn people before sending such messages.

Other than that there are some issues with not being able to back any messages up, but you can search within your conversations if you need to. Overall it seems like a pretty neat app but it is still one of many.

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