WhatsApp is Sharing User Information with Facebook

WhatsApp is supposed to be the app to use if you really want privacy in a messenger. It has end-to-end encryption and there's been so much trouble over Facebook telling governments that they can't and won't hand over message information as they don't know what they say. Now those messages should still be private but unfortunately, some of your information will now be shared with Facebook.

If you don't want Facebook to have your phone number then you'd better uninstall WhatsApp now. However, if you don't mind them having some information, provided they don't use it to target you with ads, then you can do a partial opt out either by clicking to read the full terms and conditions and skipping to the bottom of the page to uncheck the box there. If you've already ticked that box and you wish you hadn't then you have 30 days from when you agreed to opt out. To opt out later then you need to go into your settings then into account. You should see an option saying share my account info and you purely have to uncheck that box and you've opted out. Unfortunately, Facebook will still be able to access your number as well as when you last signed into WhatsApp, but it means they can't use your information to improve the ad experience among other things.

A lot of people are upset by this and though some people will say you should have expected it, that doesn't make it any less frustrating. WhatsApp is great because you know your messages are private and because of that, you kind of expect everything to be private. For WhatsApp to turn around and say, actually, we're going to share your information with Facebook is like a slap in the face. If you do like WhatsApp though, this shouldn't stop you from using it. A partial opt-out is better than nothing if it makes you feel uncomfortable and it's still one of the best apps out there for message encryption.

When it comes down to it, the most important part of your privacy on WhatsApp is still encrypted. It seems unlikely that Facebook would expect to read your messages because they know they'd lose a lot of users. This means that it's probably okay to keep using WhatsApp for now. If this breach of privacy is too huge then it's likely someone will get involved soon enough to try and stop this.

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