WhatsApp Isn't Fully Deleting their Chats

WhatsApp has always prided itself  on its privacy levels, but it turns out that maybe it isn't as private as people might think. If someone deletes a message on there, they expect it to be gone forever. No one can access your messages, not even Facebook can access your messages, but turns out that there might be some evidence left of your conversation.

Essentially the end-to-end encryption only protects your messages from other people accessing them. Once they're on the intended recipients phone, traces of it can be left. This method of sending messages is known as the signal method and generally, it is good. It adds an extra layer of privacy to your messages whilst they're being sent. The extra privacy is there to the extent where Facebook meant it when they said they couldn't access them, but it turns out there are other ways to see it. The problem is that WhatsApp messages are backed up on the phone system. It might be on the hard disk or it might be in the iCloud storage. This means that even if you delete the message, the message is still saved somewhere. Getting it off the hard disk might not be so easy, but if it's on the iCloud then the courts and government can get copies of the messages. This makes it sound as if this might only be a problem for iOS users though that isn't certain, we just know that the research was only conducted by an iOS researcher.

This isn't really something for most users to be worried about, though. Your messages are technically deleted by the app, they can just be brought back on request if necessary. This is only really going to happen if you do something illegal like in Brazil. Facebook have continued to refuse to give the Brazilian courts the information they have asked for so if it turns out now that it is, in fact possible, this could cause a lot of problems for Facebook.

Facebook have yet to comment on Jonathan Zdziarski's research and there is obviously more research to do.

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