Another Snapchat Update: Captions, Discovery Tools, Geofilter Themes

Before you get whiplash at the staggering number of updates and add-ons, calm yourself. The world will continue to advance in line with the next generation, and we'll just have to stretch our necks in preparation.
This week, Snapchat was updated to version 9.38 with quite a few delectable crumbs, the tastiest of which came in the form of customisable geofilter templates! These templates are totally left to user imagination and can be tailored to a specific occasion. In order to create a masterpiece of a filter, though, Snapchat's Web tool must be used. Simply upload your own Geofilter via Photoshop or Illustrator (if not artistically-inclined, Snapchat has downloadable template) or design your own using online tools. From there, choose the date and area in which your geofilter will be active. Once finished, you'll need to submit your idea to Snapchat, along with credit card details of course (price scales with time and location), and you've got your own filter! Use it for parties, birthdays, special events, any outing that could be improved by a special geofilter.
On to the part of the update that you don't have to shell out for, text can now be in italics, bolded, or underlined. To customise the text, simply highlight the portion you'd like to change and select the desired variation. It's a welcome addition, one that will soon be abused by teenagers everywhere. Everyone loved when emojis and stickers became pinnable, text can now be pinned to objects as well. In videos, this means the text will hover over the pinned object.

That awkward moment when you're in public trying to take a selfie for Snapchat but you can't press on your face long enough to pull up the selfie filters is no more! Long-pressing for lenses has been replaced with a quick tap on the face. What a relief. Now I'll no longer have to awkwardly skirt stranger eye contact while I idiotically hold up my phone to take a selfie ... oh, wait.
The final installment of this update is the ability for users to view Stories of people who aren't their friends. In response to the complete lack of discovery (compared to Instagram, Snapchat has no way to follow others), people with public profiles now have totally visible stories. This allows a screening process where users can preview others' stories before adding them as a friend. It's not as user-friendly as we'd like, but it's a step in the right direction.

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