Beck Recruits Instagram Video-Makers For 'Wow' Music Video

Beck is currently putting the final touches on his 13th studio album, which remains as yet unnamed. Thus far, two songs have been release - 'Dreams' and 'Wow'. Only the audio for 'Dreams' has been released thus far, but 'Wow' got a matching music video, and in classic Beck fashion, it comes with a twist.

The main bulk of the video, featuring the man himself (looking increasingly like an end of level boss from a video game about hipsters) dancing around on a street corner alongside some rather eye-catching slow motion footage of cowboys and kids dancing, is pretty standard issue. The other stuff, however, makes it look like a typical Beck music video collided with an animation student's Instagram feed.

This is entirely by design. To create the video, Beck and director Grady Hall collaborated with a number of digital artists who primarily promote their work on Instagram. Featured artists include Andy Gregg, Randy Cano, Sam Cannon, David McLeod, Steve Smith, Jess Rona and John McLaughlin. The project has been described as a kind of art gallery, interspersing the filmed material with short little animated clips. They come across as random, but with a strange kind of abstract coherence.

Gregg deals in a kind of colourful retro 8-bit vibe, McLaughlin creates weird, googly-eyed hyper-real furry creatures, Sam Cannon's animations typically involve water and Jess Rona films dogs, in slow motion. Last June, Beck posted clips on his Instagram feed from various Instagram creators, all of them with 'Wow' as the backing track. All these clips were produced especially for the track preview, as was explained in many of the captions for the videos. This blast of creative confetti was swiftly followed with a lyric video for 'Wow', directed by graphic artist Jimmy Turrell.

As well as the animators, Beck's two children feature in the video alongside Silvan Valensi, son of Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi. Beck's brother-in-law, actor Giovanni Ribsi, also appears, as well as working on the video as a second unit director.

Beck isn't the first musician to employ digital content creators to make a music video. In 2008, Weezer gathered together a huge roster of YouTube stars to produce the video for the leading track from The Red Album, 'Pork and Beans'. The video featured the band being funneled through a series of recreations of classic videos, including Chocolate Rain, Chris Crocker's 'Leave Britney Alone' vlog entry, the Ryan vs Dorkman lightsaber fight, Numa Numa, the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment and many more.

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