Businesses Now Able to Provide Better Customer Support through Twitter

Twitter, the voice of our generation. Since its start in 2006, the innovative social media platform has revolutionised the way that news spreads. With its shortened word count, it forced out the fluff, leaving room only for concise thought bubbles. It has given big-name people, like stars and politicians, a way to freely share idle thoughts or convey opinions, tailoring their personalities to 140 words in the process. Connections are forged in the crux of the Twittersphere where Twitch stars broadcast stream times and pop-up businesses communicate their varied hours/locations.
All that is Twitter can only benefit businesses operating an official account. Heck, creating an account solely to reach potential customers is a savvy move. Acting as a medium for communication, the platform allows for a continual dialogue between customers and business. Twitter is catching on and has created a slew of options for business accounts, starting their improvements back in February. The most important connection to be made on Twitter is with customers, and Twitter has designed new features to make those moments more manageable.

Twitter Dashboard Customer Support Settings
(img src:
Announced 15 Sept, business accounts will now be able to convey in a glance whether customer service is offered. By changing the customer support settings on Twitter Dashboard, businesses can choose to display "Provides Support" on their profile. Enabling customer support will automatically allow the account to receive Direct Messages from anyone. Before this, customers and businesses had to follow one another or else a private message couldn't be sent.

Once the settings have been modified, "Provides Support" will be tied to suggestions when a business account is searched for, @mentioned in a tweet, or found by typing a Direct Message. This brings us to another new feature, for what is support without knowing the hours of availability?  Service hours can now be displayed on the business profile.

Another little add-on, for those profiles that enable customer support, the Direct Message button is now more prominent. An enlarged button will hopefully convey the message that private support is preferable to directly tweeting the business Twitter. Previously, the space that is now taken over by the enlarged Direct Message button was occupied by two buttons: "Tweet to" and "Message."

 Enlarged Direct Message button on left, Provides Support displayed on right
(img src:
These features are now usable, though the rollout will expand to the app within the next few weeks according to a blog post by Twitter.

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