Carrie Brownstein Directs a Bizarre, Potent Short about Social Media

Carrie Brownstein has risen to prominence in recent years both as the star of the madcap sketch show Portlandia and in the bands Excuse 17, Sleater-Kinny and most recently Wild Flag. She's a talented writer, actress and musician, and now she's turned her attention to social media. Specifically, she has examined the rift between the lives people project on social media and their real ones.

It's a subject that been approached in short films before, but not quite like this. In this version, entitled The Realest Real, a woman played by Laura Harrier (who will soon appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming) is invited into a kind of social media central hub, and asked if, based on one off-hand comment on an Instagram post, she would like Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) to actually become her mother.

The idea behind this Kenzo-produced short is that people tend to turn their social media worlds into a kind of fantasy realm where they can insert themselves into the lives of the people they idolise. Phrases like 'mom', 'marry me', 'relationship goals' and so forth are commonly found beneath images of famous people pretending that this is actually how they live their lives.

As such, Natasha Lyonne turns out not to make a particularly good surrogate mother, and the whole situation quickly descends into disarray. It's an amusing idea, and it comes to a rather poignant conclusion. Many have talked about the constructed reality of social media, a warped lens that we perhaps look at the world through a little bit too intently.

The film is amusing, weird and contains an acceptable amount of puppies, and gets extra points for the Kim Gordon appearance. There's something fairly unsettling about it though, and as much as I have no intention of clambering onto a soapbox and shouting at people to get off their phones, commentaries like these are a reminder that many people are still falling down the rabbit hole.

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