Could Twitter be Going Up for Sale?

Rumours of a potential takeover or acquisition at Twitter have been running rampant for months, but recent comments from sources close to the company, as reported by Recode, have added a little extra fuel to that fire.

Twitter's board of directors is due to meet in San Francisco this Thursday to discuss multiple issues of great importance to the micro-blogging platform, including the viability of continuing as a standalone company. Co-founder and board member Evan Williams has also hinted at the possibility of a sale, stating in a recent interview with Bloomberg that Twitter needs to "consider the right options" concerning its future. Following this statement, speculation ran rife and Twitter stock price climbed by nearly 6%.

As for who may be eyeing up Twitter as a potential investment, a number of big names have been mentioned. Chief among them are Google and Apple, both of which obviously have the tech and marketing experience required to run Twitter successfully. Some reports have also alluded to interest from media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

However, if Twitter's board are serious about the possibility of a sale then they may have a few issues to fix before they attract any real interest. The company's financial woes have been highly publicised as of late, and that alone is sure to put off a few would-be investors. This could result in another round of lay-offs as they attempt to remedy their losses, or even lead to the selling off of smaller Twitter-owned businesses such as Vine.

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The company's recent partnerships with sporting institutions such as the NFL, allowing them to stream coverage from games on their own platform, may help to attract some interest due to their money-making potential and appeal to Twitter's audience.

There is still an elephant in the room however. Twitter's biggest problem has always been the overabundance of abuse that still plagues the platform today. A number of high profile celebrities have been forced to close down their account due to the out-pour of hate they receive, and all of this adds up to a lot of bad press for the social media service.

As for whether the takeover will go ahead, it must be stated that much of the information we currently have comes from little hints and speculation. With a lack of any concrete evidence, we will just have to wait for the outcome of the meeting in San Francisco later this week.

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