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The 2016 presidential campaign in America has reached an all-time low, and that's really saying something considering how absolutely ridiculous the entire affair has been. There have been quite a few harsh words slung from Republican candidate Donald Trump to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and vice versa. Much of the beef has been spread via social media; check out  @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton if you're curious.

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In a bid to win over the fickle millennials' vote, Trump has hit below the belt. What has he done this time, you ask? Created a Snapchat geofilter outwardly calling Clinton "Crooked Hillary" and putting his stamp of approval at the bottom. This might be the most damning filter Snapchat has released yet ... er, ... I'm forgetting something black and yellow, aren't I?

Back to the topic at hand, Donald Trump's public shaming of Hillary Clinton. Considering his character-revealing antics, I'd say this is more telling of his personality than it is of Clinton. According to Independent Journal Review, the Trump campaign "purchased the national Snapchat geofilter ahead of Monday's debate." This is truly an historic moment, when "the first purchase of its kind by a presidential campaign" represents the worst parts of a candidate.

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With the way Snap Inc. operates, a national filter is only available for purchase to one advertiser per day. After 24 hours, the geofilter will disappear.  Trump has made it so that the Monday debate filter will feature his slogan and be slanted in favour of himself. This misguided attempt at pandering to the Snapchat audience, the majority of whom are millennials, has been branded as "a lowbrow meathead digital attempt to maim Clinton and not something JFK, Ronald Reagan, or Lincoln would do if they were alive campaigning today," says
Eric Schiffer, CEO of The Patriarch Organization and Chairman of in an email to Digital Trends.

Trump has managed to get the filter released just before the 2016 presidential election's first major debate. According to Time, the filter was changed mid-debate to a different version not running Clinton's name through the muck.

This is not the first time that a geofilter that has purchased exclusively for this presidential race. Regional, on-demand filters were purchased to promote Trump rallies. Clinton used geofilters for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Bernie Sanders even shelled out for a geofilter during campaigning in Iowa, with the charming line, "Geofilter paid for by Bernie 2016 (not the billionaires)" stamped at the bottom.

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