Facebook at Work Set to Launch in October

After a drum roll which has lasted for months, it looks like we finally have a firm confirmation for when we'll be seeing Facebook at Work (or whatever it actually ends up being called). It's been under construction since 2014, with the first builds emerging early last year.

Since then, Facebook has been quietly gathering a roster of big time businesses to sign up to the service, and now they're finally ready to let the world see it in a commercial launch. Companies will be charged to use it, and the price will vary depending on how many employees they sign up for the service. A few companies were granted early access, such as RBS, who now have over 100,000 staffers using the platform.

In terms of actual structure, it's an inter-office communication service, rather than another version of Facebook that you won't get yelled at for using at work. Whatever your system for communication in the office is, this will act as a replacement with a layout familiar to anyone on Facebook. So everyone, basically.

What Facebook at Work doesn't do is connect to the personal accounts of the people using it, it's an entirely separate entity, and thus the news feed you see on there will not be in any way informed by your regular one. The platform also comes outfitted with separate chat applications, also available on Android and iOS.

The success of Facebook at Work depends on how quickly it's adopted, and how quickly they can overcome the natural association between 'Facebook' and 'procrastination', but the fact is that workplaces which maintain Facebook bans are becoming ever rarer. As long as Facebook at Work remains fluid, efficient and, crucially, ad-free, it'll live up to expectations.

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